"Like the Sea" is a Fresh Fruit FINALIST!

"Like the Sea" is a Fresh Fruit FINALIST!

WHERE: The Wild Project
195 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009 (Google Map)
WHEN: Sun., May 5th @ 12:00 PM
PRICE: $15

Raine's short play "Like The Sea" has made it to the Finalist Showcase for Fresh Fruit's 2024 10-Minute LGBTQ play competition festival!

"Like the Sea" is a heartfelt play that explores the deep bond between two trans men, Amadi ( Johnny Gottsegen) and Yung (Caz Kingsley), as they vacation to celebrate Amadi's recent top surgery. Set on a hotel balcony in a tropical location, the play delves into their personal journeys and emotions surrounding gender transition. Through candid conversations and a spontaneous act of vulnerability, they find solace, support, and a profound sense of freedom.

Message From The Artist:

How exciting! Stop by and see it again - or for the first time if you missed it - and cast your vote for the winner!

I would love to see you there supporting queer theatre and perhaps, if you like the play, throw it a vote. :) You can purchase tickets to through the link above - buy 'em soon - we sold out last time!

With gratitude,

Raine Grayson
Johnny Gottsegen (AMADI) & Caz Kingsley (AMADI) perform "Like the Sea" at SOOP to Nuts Short Play Fest in November of 2023.

Audience chooses the winning play! Come cast your vote enjoy a night of queer theatre!

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