Claiming my Name, Becoming the Storm
The Chicago Story Press Cover

The Chicago Story Press (Storytellers' True Stories of Triumph)

Paperback -$13.50

"I stand on my tippy-toes to reach the doorknob; using all the might my eight-year-old body can muster to swing the door open. I plop myself onto the cold linoleum and strain my neck to see outside, barely able to peek over the edge of the screen door. The storm hasn't started yet, but I can feel it beginning to brew. The air is thick and the world outside is dulled by an overcast of heavy clouds."

The Power of Trans Empathy: Recollecting Unconditional Community Nurturing

The AutoEthnographer

Free Online

"Tonight, I wonder what a world would be like where others showed the amount of stressed, desperate gratitude I do for being respected. What would a world look like where cisgender people are so afraid they will be disrespected that they carefully tiptoe around their truth and celebrate it when it’s even acknowledged."

Periods, Predators, and Persistence: A Hormonal Triumph


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"I am constantly left out of conversations about reproductive justice because I’m a man, but I am also denied my manhood. Society doesn’t know what to do with me, even if I know exactly what to do with me and all they ever had to do was listen. I am so often forced to exist on the outskirts of gender, actively erased from all spaces."

A Hometown Never Stops Feeling Like Home: Growing Up Trans In A Rural Area
Wingless Dreamer Cover

Wingless Dreamer (Verses from the Rainbow)

Paperback -$15

"I knew the Hudson Valley like the back of my hand. I knew what towns I could leave my car doors unlocked in. I knew where all the swimming holes were. I knew what Kingston, my hometown, looked like before gentrification started to plant its roots in the historic streets, sprouting new bars and antique shops and putting up fences so the weeds of the displaced, impoverished many wouldn't taint the fertile soil?"

Denim Jeans

Mini Plays Magazine (June 2023 Issue)

Paperback -$15 | E-Edition - Free

"I don't know how you did it, Dad. I don't know how you kept on putting your feet in your slippers and getting out of bed every day. It's so hard for me, and as much as I try to pretend I understood it, my life wasn't yours. I mean, sure, you had mom, but did you even love her? I'm sure you did when you first met - I've seen your wedding pictures, but after 30 years did you still love her?"

If you would like to produce this monologue, please contact the artist for rights.

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I Am No Longer An Ant
Santa Clara Review Cover

Santa Clara Review (Volume 110, Issue 2)

Paperback -$20

"Sometimes in my meditations I would imagine I had shrunk to a minuscule state. I became an ant. I was pushing through large ropes of carpet, careful not to let myself get tangled in the web of hair, dust, and lint that blocked my path. On my back, I carried a large glowing mass of energy. It was hundreds of times my size, but I was managing it with ease. I didn’t have a destination – I was just going: moving forward infinitely with my cargo.

Ants can support 5,000 times their own body weight. At times, I felt like the weight of me was as much."

In The Same Space
Literature Today Cover

Contemporary One-Minute Plays (Volume 2)

Paperback - $20 | E-Edition - Free


Literature Today (April 2023 Issue)

Paperback - $25 | E-Edition - Free

If you would like to produce this play, please contact the artist.

HOST: Oy vey, I know. Let's just - let's just forget about it all and try to enjoy the game okay?

FRIEND: You're right. Let's have some fun.


I'm just gunna go wash my hands real quick.

Use code WELCOME15 at checkout for a 15% discount.

Use code WELCOME15 at checkout for a 15% discount.

We Are All Becoming A Gamble - Remembering Pulse and the Queer History of Mourning
We Are All Becoming A Gamble

"The Whole Alphabet: The Light and the Dark"
Published by So Say We All

Paperback -$20

"I try to write about the June 12th, 2016 Pulse Orlando nightclub shooting every year, but it never feels right. The tributes, plays, and poems never feel as though they can properly honor the forty-nine killed and fifty-three wounded. So I backspace, backspace, backspace until I eventually find myself silent once again."

Wickedness: An RPG by M Veselak

Guest Writer: "The Suit Of Wands" Interpretations
Published by Possum Creek Games

Three Zine Bundle - $35 | PDF - $20

2021 ENnie Award Winner!

A coven of three struggle to hold the worlds (and one another) together in this narrative RPG.

Wickedness is a peculiar tabletop game written for exactly three players and one tarot deck, with no dice and no GM. Together, you'll form a coven between three mystical archetypes (the innocent and gentle Pure Heart, the volatile, revelrous Wild Spirit, and the uptight, scholarly Old Soul) and try to keep your world of magic and mystery in balance with the mundane world, in spite of its ignorance, poverty and violence.

There Is No Switch: A Personal Account of The Day After Trump Got Elected
GO Magazine

GO Magazine

Free Online

"Before my brain makes a decision the power of the switch takes over and I’m walking down the hallway. My professor has a mirror on her open office door, and we see each other through our reflections before we actually see each other. She is holding a tissue. The janitor, who always is playing music and smiling, is stoic. The switch tells me what I have to do.

The horror is palpable in the room, but I ignore it. I smile. I look at everyone. I hear my professor say “This is a travesty,” but I do not focus on it.

“Who needs hugs?”

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Casting Out Beasts and Calling Forth Angels

Coming 2024
To be published by Half and One

I don’t have the words for it at my young age, but I was suffering from severe depression; partially because of my genetics, partially because of my upbringing. Trauma and PTSD hide large swathes of my childhood from me and some of my strongest memories are of trying to find ways to urge myself to keep on living; which are often self-destructive. I don’t think twice about disappearing into the brush and returning with wounds – this is normal to me. This is my survival tactic.

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