Raine leads an exercise during a rehearsal of "Unmasked!". Photo by Amber Neilson 

Well, this is new.

I've never had a creative home all to myself before.

I've lived a life of expressing myself through all of the social media forms that have existed, spanning from Neopets to Livejournal to Twitter. I've written plays in the dark of my room or the must of a coffee shop or bar, typing away at my keyboard and hoping that someday, someone might see my work.

Now - people are starting to see my work. Whether it be a play, a workshop, a magazine, or a book - I've been lucky enough to find myself in places I, in the past, only dreamed I'd be. While I cherish every opportunity I am blessed enough to have, I find myself having trouble keeping of track of the wheres, who's, and what's sometimes. I'm dismal at self promotion.

Shoving my work into a corner and hoping for the best simply doesn't line up with who I typically am.

If you know me personally, which I suspect most eyes viewing my very first blog post might - you know I am a big fan of the concept of home. Having a home is something I've worked arduously for. I am proud to be sitting in the safety of my four walls today, surrounded by love and clutter. I've spent many years building up both the physical and abstract space I now sit in to be one of safety, radiance, and enjoyment.

It's about time I start building that for my creative work, too.

While this website will serve as my creative portfolio, storefront and informational pitstop - I hope I can expand it until it feels like it can be that creative home. I will not only use this blog to inform anyone who might be interested in any noteworthy news in my creative journey - I will also try to find ways to share parts of myself with you that might be worth sharing.

I also have a newsletter, which you can sign up for here (or by simply clicking the pink 'Subscribe' button at the top of the screen). By signing up for my newsletter, you'll receive updates about upcoming events, casting calls, and other opportunities I'm involved in. I'd love it if you gave it a go - I promise I won't spam your inbox. I'll only come at you if I've got something good.

If your not familiar with my work, poke around a bit. I'm honored to share myself with you. If you are familiar - poke around anyway. It's always nice to reminisce together.

And, most importantly - thank you for visiting - I hope you feel at home here. My door is always open.

With gratitude,

-Raine Grayson

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